Fine art & design

I seek out moments that occur in our present urban setting, where evolving abstract beauty, deconstruction and decay collide. In nature we see infinite patterns, intricate and perfect.


On the streets I see something similar emerging… my work is immersed in recreating the rhythm and found beauty on the walls and streets around East London, layered with papers, graffiti, and text.

What a beautiful day. ☀️

Spring was definitely in the air!
And to think, less than a few weeks ago we were in icy, artic conditions!

Here’s an icy artwork I started working on following the cold spell.
The abstract symmetry in nature’s sculpture provides an temple like backdrop.
Although I’m relieved for the sunnier weather, I’m grateful for the source of inspiration that nature provided me on my doorstep.

Hope you’ve had a chance to get out in the sunshine today 🙏🏻☀️
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