Fine art & design

I seek out moments that occur in our present urban setting, where evolving abstract beauty, deconstruction and decay collide. In nature we see infinite patterns, intricate and perfect.


On the streets I see something similar emerging… my work is immersed in recreating the rhythm and found beauty on the walls and streets around East London, layered with papers, graffiti, and text.

Good Friday morning!
I saw a quote that resonated with me last night from @hollyinldn


This has been true to my heart as long as I can remember. Creating your own art is one thing, but buying a piece of art is another.

I thought I’d share my go to piece of Art in lockdown following on from @emma.hill_art post.

This is from my dear friend and super talented @grahamehurdwood who studied at the Royal Academy.
This painting sits proudly in my lounge and measures over a meter square. I call it my window to Pembrokeshire. Those of you who know me well, know that Pembrokeshire holds my heart.
I have done Yoga on zoom with @wheelcoaching thank you Beth 🙏🏻 you have kept me sane and in front of this painting and have felt love, happiness and gratitude. My happy place. Namaste 🙏🏻 here comes the sun ☀️
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Here is a stunning lobster I painted a few years ago. This was also caught by Jono who urged me to try and paint one. This painting measures 60 x 90cm and the Lobster was painted life size 60cm in length.
It’s called a Spiny lobster or crawfish (Palinurus Elephas) and was caught off Saint David’s Head in Pembrokeshire as in the video on my previous post.
These lobsters are a deep, russet colour. I named this piece “Travelling with Max” after my dad. He drove this specimen 315 miles to me, from Jono to paint. He passed away some months later and I promised him that I would finish this painting for him and in his memory, so it’s very close to my heart 💕

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Here is a clip from A Wild Year - The Pembrokeshire coast. Still available on iPlayer if you missed it.
I just wanted to share how much this part of Wales has been part of my life and influenced not only the path my life took but the path my art followed.
And here is the live version of my friend Jono, without whom I’d never have painted the lobsters. His enthusiasm and kindness was boundless and I’m so blooming proud to see him and beautiful Pembrokeshire in its full glory.

Take me there....🙏🏻 really missing the place that makes me most happy
And my special friends...

Till the next we meet, sending love and happy memories 💕🦞🦋 Evi